October Team Updates!

Tower Goal Assembled

Whew! One down, one to go! Next meeting we’ll setup the 1/2 field perimeter and tiles and mark the game lines with tape. You can follow our season activities more closely on our Ultimate Goal page. For those teams that haven’t started assembling their towers, the handiest items to make assembly easier would be: a utility knife for the coroplast, a drill for the threading screws, extra zip ties in case of mistakes and sturdy pair of work gloves for holding the “churro” while you drill.

FIRST Like A Girl Ambassadors

We are thrilled to report that we have been selected by #FIRSTLikeAGirl to be the Ambassador team for our region. #FIRSTLikeAGirl was founded by FRC Team #1902 Exploding Bacon Robotics to encourage girls to pursue STEM and join and remain in FIRST programs. We share this mission and we are excited to be a part of this powerful girl network. More info to come as we grow into this role.

goBILDA Strafer Kit v2 Promo

RoboScout Squad was selected as one of 150 FTC teams to get the newest goBILDA Strafer Kit at a deep deep discount. It has several upgrades over the original kit including a slightly narrower frame, 8mm REX wheel shafts, heavy duty hubs and steel 1:1 miter gears which when paired with the included 312 rpm motors has a theoretical speed of over 5.14 ft/second. It’s $600+ worth of parts for only $150. Thank you goBILDA for spreading your support for FTC teams across so many teams this season. We look forward to rebuilding Kermit stronger and faster with this kit.

RoboScout Squad Around the World

When we started this website over a year ago, we didn’t think it would travel as far as it has. In looking at website statistics last week, kids, coaches and visitors from 81 countries have visited our website so far in 2020. On average YTD, we get more than 450 views per month. That’s just amazingly cool! We hope we’ve helped and inspired teams and kids on their FIRST journeys as we have progressed through ours.

Girl Scout Nuts & Candy

That’s right, we are Girl Scouts! It’s Nut and Candy time of year. If you’d like to help support RoboScout Squad and our Girl Scout Troop, feel free to take a look at our candy shops. We’ll add team members as they setup their storefronts. Team favorites are “Dark Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix”, “Peanut Butter Bears”, and “Chocolate Covered Raisins”. Online Candy Stores are open through November 18th. Kalispell, MT locals can choose “Girl Delivery”, out of area supporters can choose “Ship to Me”. Thank you!!!

Kennedy’s Candy Shop

Lexi’s Candy Shop

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