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To Encourage and Inspire All Children, Especially Girls, to Pursue STEM Activities


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Our Robots


2020 – 2021: Ultimate Goal

  • Passive compliant roller intake
  • Conveyor belt transport
  • Converyor and Intake reversal in case of jams
  • Flywheel for launching rings
  • Arm with claw for grasping wobble goal
  • Successful 3 rings + wobble goal & park autonomous
  • Our First FTC Robot
  • 2nd Place Inspire Award
  • 2nd Ranked Robot (remote play)
  • Motivate Award
  • Promote Award


2021 – 2022: Freight Frenzy

  • Worm gear powered lift arm
  • Linear actuator extension
  • Innovative intake with silicone spinner and linear servo powered trap door
  • Carousel spinner
  • Preset buttons for each delivery position – height and extension
  • Successful custom TSE detection + duck & park autonomous
  • Inspire Award
  • Winning Alliance Captain
  • Went to the World Champoinship in Houston, TX


2022 – 2023: Power Play

  • 36″ belt/pulley extension slide
  • Dual motor, hot swappable, lift gearbox with one ouput shaft
  • Open differential lifts both slides simultaenously
  • Claw with silicone pads for grip backed with makeup sponges for conformity
  • Preset buttons for each junction height
  • Successful custom sleeve detection, 5 point cone + park autonomous
  • Trunk with access to elecronics
  • 3rd Place Inspire Award

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