2023-2024: CENTER STAGE

Thank you for following along on our fourth FIRST Tech Challenge Season. We are an all-girls team in NW Montana. Please bear with us as we get used to a new website. The newest posts are at the top.

Y’all ready for this?!!! The arts have come to FIRST. The 2023-2024 theme is FIRST in SHOW! FLL’s game appears to embrace the arts in every way with their new game #MASTERPIECE. FTC takes #CENTERSTAGE in a season about creativity and maybe leaning toward performing arts. FRC’s new game #CRECENDO may focus on music or sonic arts. We don’t know, but we shall soon find out.

RoboScout Squad is sooooo excited! We can’t think of a better theme for our artistically creative team.


Game Set Pre-Orders are Open

FTC CENTER STAGE Game Sets are now available for pre-order from AndyMark.

Of special note in today’s FTC Team Blog is a change in gaffing tape. Game tapes will now be 1″ rather than 2″. Bummer that we need to buy more tape, but it’s good for rookie teams or those that have run out. 1″ is cheaper than 2″.

Also, great news for teams with grant funding through FIRST, starting after kickoff teams will be able to order their AndyMark game sets through the FIRST website.


2023-2024 Spring Info Night

We are having an open house and information night on Wednesday May 17th in our robotics lab. Stop by and see what we are all about. We are now recruiting girls currently in grades 7-11, to join our team for amazing summer projects and highly creative competitive season.

If you’re interested in joining us or have questions but can’t make it, please fill out our team interest form and we’ll get back to you.


2023-2024 Season Reveal:


If you’re interested in joining us or want to learn more about FIRST, please reach out.

Enjoy the season “trailer” for FIRST in SHOW!
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