Our Sponsors

We try very hard as coaches to keep the cost of participation in our robotics team as low as possible. Girls from our team span the socioeconomic spectrum. Last season 40% of our team members were free/reduced school lunch eligible. We are seeking team sponsors to help both with our regular FTC season, FTC tournament travel expenses and NASA Challenge expenses. A typical FTC season’s expenses look like this:

Annual Expenses
Annual FTC Team Registration$275
Annual Challenge Field Kit + s/h$395
Presentation Materials (markers, paint, glue, presentation boards, photo copies, printouts, team shareables, etc)$150
Extra or replacement Robot Parts$500
Tournament Registration Fees (3-4 tournaments per season)$300
Hotel rooms for tournament travel$1,300
Gasoline for tournament travel$500
Food for tournament travel$1,400
Total Estimated Season Expenses (August-January)$4,820

In addition to direct financial donations, helpful “in kind” donations would be:

  • Access to quality color print jobs and photocopies
  • Meals or Restaurant gift cards for the tournament trip. Favorites on the trip route are: Cracker Barrel, Taco Bell, Applebees, MacKenzie River Pizza, Olive Garden (for the IRS gift cards are the same as cash)
  • Team shirts
  • Website hosting
  • 3D printer access if we have a custom part or prototype to mock up

RoboScout Squad itself is not a 501c(3), just a group of amazing young ladies learning, growing, having fun and inspiring younger girls. Sponsorships are tax-deductible if donations are made directly to Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, which will apply the funds to team expenses. Donations to GSMW should specify that the funds are for RoboScout Squad in Kalispell. Let us know if you’d like to go this route.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!!!!

We’ll be adding more about our generous team sponsors and supportive partners soon.

Thank you Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming for the startup funds for our team, ongoing support and our practice location/storage space. RoboScout Squad was initially made possible in 2017 by a grant received by GSMW to start First Lego League teams in Montana and Wyoming.

Thank you to the following organizations that also sponsored the 2019 ANGLeS Challenge:

We are thankful for our sponsors. Would you like to join them in encouraging STEM education for girls in the Flathead? Let us know if you’d like to help.

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