Our Sponsors

We try very hard as coaches to keep the cost of participation in our robotics team as low as possible. Girls from our team span the socioeconomic spectrum. Last season 40% of our team members were free/reduced school lunch eligible.

We are seeking team sponsors to help both with our regular FTC season, and FTC tournament travel expenses. A typical FTC season’s expenses look like this:

Normal Season Annual ExpensesEst $
Annual FTC Team Registration$295
Annual Challenge Field Kit$470
Presentation Materials (markers, paint, glue, presentation boards, photocopies, printouts, team shareables, etc)$150
Extra or replacement Robot Parts$500
Tournament Registration Fees$200
Hotel rooms for tournament travel$1,300
Gasoline for tournament travel$500
Food for tournament travel$1,400
Total Estimated Season Expenses (August-February)$4,815

In addition to direct financial donations, helpful “in-kind” donations would be:

  • Access to quality color print jobs and photocopies
  • Meals or Restaurant gift cards for the tournament trip. Favorites on the trip route are: Cracker Barrel, Taco Bell, Applebees, MacKenzie River Pizza, Olive Garden, Panera (for the IRS gift cards are the same as cash)
  • Team shirts
  • Website hosting

RoboScout Squad itself is not a 501c(3), just a group of amazing young ladies learning, growing, having fun, and inspiring younger girls to pursue STEM. Sponsorships are tax-deductible if donations are made directly to Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, which will apply the funds to team expenses. Donations to GSMW should specify that the funds are for RoboScout Squad in Kalispell. Let us know if you’d like to go this route.

Our Amazing Team Sponsors!

Please help us thank them for their support and encouragement.

Innovation Inspirations

Thank you Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming for the startup funds for our team, ongoing support, and our practice location/storage space. RoboScout Squad was initially made possible in 2017 by a grant received by GSMW to start FIRST LEGO League teams in Montana and Wyoming.

For a second time, thank you for sponsoring the team and supporting this educational opportunity to travel, learn and grow. We will bring back what we learn and share it with other kids. We loved our experience last season with the DaVinci surgical robot. It’s inspiring to see real working robots in action. Additionally, THANK YOU, for providing us a new space for our robotics lab, giving us room to practice, develop skills, grow our team, inspire others and share what we do with the community is priceless to us.

You’ve been so amazing and generous, inviting us to collaborate on your research project, having us over to learn about Spot and your many projects in the shop, and giving us somewhere to film our robot reveal video. Thank you for your support in helping us chase our dreams.

Thank you to the Iron Horse Foundation for jumping on board to support the team as we head to the World Championship. We are very grateful for your donation. Thank you for supporting girls in STEM.

Thank you ClassOne for sponsoring the team. Thank you for the tour of your facility, sharing about your business, and letting us share our robot. We appreciate your support.

Thank you for your support in growing the female entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Sure, we build and program robots, but we are learning so many other skills that will help us rise in our chosen future paths.

Engineering Energizers

Thank you, Stockman Bank, for embracing your new community and supporting our team. We are very thankful.

Thank you, Glacier Bank for sponsoring our trip to the World Championship. We appreciate your investment in our team.

Thank you, Kalispell Lions Club for the scholarship and enthusiastic support to help our team get to the World Championship. We look forward to coming to your meeting in May and sharing about our experience.

Programming Partners

Thank you, Park Side for sponsoring our team for the fourth season in a row. We are always so thankful for your support.

Where do we begin! Thank you so very much for the custom acrylic cuts. The rear panel looks so nice, the gear protectors keep us out of trouble with the safety inspectors, and swapping our coroplast intake box for acrylic, really finishes Grover’s “look” for the World Championship.

Fatt Boy’s is going to feed us all! They are generously providing space and food for us to have a Spaghetti Feed on Sunday, April 10th from noon-6:00pm. $8/plate. The team keeps all proceeds. Come on out, have a nice meal, meet the team and see our robot, Grover. Thank you Fatt Boy’s!

Blue Squid Design / Paper Chase donated an outreach banner and an engineering design process banner for our PIT at the World Championship. The banners looked amazing and shared our message clearly with visitors to our PIT table.

When moving from our old location to our new robotics lab, one thing we couldn’t take with us, was chairs. Thank you, John Flink and J2 Business Products for your generous donation of folding chairs for our new lab.

Teamwork Techs

We are lucky to be one of 32 teams selected for #TeamREV this season! We have found it to be a supportive and encouraging environment of mentors, students and staff that genuinely enjoy the collaborative process, sharing ideas and lifting all.

Thank you, Three Rivers Bank for supporting girls in STEM by sponsoring us at the Teamwork Techs level and helping us get to the World Championship.

Thank you, MOD for again having a fundraiser day for us. It’s coming up on April 4th. Everybody go have some pizza and tell the team at MOD you’re there to support RoboScout Squad. We’ll get 20% of the sale.

Thank you Kalispell Toyota for sponsoring our trip to the Montana State FTC Championship by providing a rental van to get us and our equipment there and back.

Thank you MacKenzie River Pizza for again sponsoring a dinner for the team when we traveled to the Montana State Championship

Thank you, Home Depot for donating rolling toolboxes! We are so thankful to have an easy way to organize and transport our parts and tools.

We love our black sparkle powder-coated wheels! Thank you so much Advanced Powder Coating for dressing up Grover’s “shoes” and giving us a tour of your facility.

Thank you, James and Jenna for making and donating a replica FIRST LEGO League Champion’s Award Banner. It looks great in our new robotics lab. Thanks again for the black coroplast we used to make our PIT cart sign.

Thank you, Harbor Freight for the gift card donation which we used to purchase a drill press and safety gear. Special additional thanks to local store Manager Archie, who donated a bench grinder to the team.

Thank you, Mark Lane and RadioActive for donating a widescreen monitor for use in our robotics lab. This will make programming so much easier and efficient.

Thank you, Lowe’s for donating paint and painting supplies for our new robotics lab!

Current Season Professional Partners

Past Season and Event Sponsors

We are thankful for our sponsors. Would you like to join them in encouraging STEM education for girls in the Flathead? Let us know if you’d like to help.

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