FTC Ultimate Goal Season Challenge Kickoff

9/12/2020 – This is it. The day we’ve been waiting for since we decided to move up to FIRST Tech Challenge, #UltimateGoal Season Challenge Kickoff. This is the day teams all over the world get their first look at this season’s robot game. This year’s kickoff was sure a different flavor than years past. Everyone was either remoted in via video chat or pre-recorded messages. You can watch the full kickoff presentation here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/738998700

Here is the 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal Season Challenge (started at the 2 minute mark):

Rings? Did anyone pick donuts for this year’s sports themed challenge? We sure didn’t. But we did guess correctly on the multiple scoring levels. After the broadcast, we sat down together, pulled up Game Manual 2, reviewed the game again and started brainstorming mechanical designs and strategy. We have some great ideas already for our rookie season.

We do know that Montana intends to start the season with a remote competition format. We don’t yet know the dates of the Montana qualifiers. Remote games are played on an 8’x12′ field with one scoring tower, rather than 12’x12′ and two towers. Images below are the traditional alliance setup and the remote single team setup.

You can learn more about the Game Changers: Ultimate Goal Season, here. You can follow our FTC Rookie Season on our FTC Ultimate Goal page.

We are ready for our #UltimateGoal season to get started. Our lineup is set and we are anxious to take the field. A very special thanks to our World Championship team sponsors Kalispell Regional Healthcare, Swank Enterprises, Kalispell Obstetrics and Gynecology, CMT Fabrication, Inc., Corwin Motors Kalispell, The Korner Shop, Bias Brewing, MOD Pizza Kalispell and Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming and our many fans, friends and family. The World Championships were #COVIDcanceled, but without your commitment to #GirlsInSTEM, we wouldn’t have been able to to make this tremendous leap forward, to purchase robotics equipment and advance our skills to compete in FIRST Tech Challenge. Lets get this season started! #FIRSTLikeAGirl #FTC18240

Speaking of robotics equipment. After kickoff, we opened up our new goBILDA kit. Here’s our unboxing video of the new goBILDA 2020-2021 Master FTC Kit.

This kit can be purchased at a discounted price of $549.99 if you’re a registered FTC team. The total retail price of the parts included is over $1,380. Gears, servos, structural pieces, motors, connectors, hubs, sprockets, bearings, wheels, screws, nuts and more, this kit contains a great assortment of parts. We’ll certainly need additional pieces to make our season happen, but it’s a great start to get our creative and technical juices flowing. #LetsGoBildaTogether

Kit: https://www.gobilda.com/master-ftc-kit-6mm-d-shaft-2020-2021-season/

Register your FTC team for a goBILDA discount: https://www.gobilda.com/ftc/

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One response to “FTC Ultimate Goal Season Challenge Kickoff”

  1. ed huth Avatar
    ed huth

    Hi RoboScouts,

    Great looking blog and post.. I wonder if there are any python programs that can help with determining the force and angle needed to project those donuts into those slots. I’m thinking that
    there maybe some issues with the flight based on the form of the donuts………
    In regards to what format Montana will be following: We will be Remote. We will move to the traditional format if we can. Safety comes first.

    Ed Huth – FIRST FTC partner for Montana

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