2019-2020: City Shaper

2020 Montana First Lego League Champion’s Award

9/10/2020 – We finally got a banner to celebrate our 2020 Champion’s Award. It’s smaller than the one most teams manage to get at their state tournaments, but we bought our own and we don’t have a ton of space anyway. Maybe at the end of this season there will be small orange banner to put next to it.

3/14/2020 – We are disappointed to announce that the FIRST LEGO League World Championship has been cancelled. This isn’t surprising to anyone at this point with the spread of the virus and the need to slow the spread and protect our vulnerable populations. Please check out our blog post for more info and contact us if you have further questions. We will persevere and make the best of this situation.  We will continue to do incredible things for girls in STEM in our community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Thank you all for your ongoing encouragement and support.

1/20/20 – We are humbled, overwhelmed and thrilled to announce, we WON the Montana State First Lego League Championship Tournament! This means we will represent Montana at the First Lego League World Festival in Houston, Texas. In April, more than 100 champion teams from the US and around the world will come together, learn from each other and compete for the biggest FLL titles.

We set up a separate page for World Championship news. Please check there for fundraising updates. Here’s our GoFundMe. Three months is a small window to raise as much as we need to make this trip happen, and we need to purchase airline tickets right away. Our early estimate for the six day trip is about $18,000-20,000.

1/11/20 – We are one week away from the Montana State First Lego League Tournament. The girls have 5 programs accomplishing 6 missions for 335 points in 2.5 minutes. In 2018 they programmed to 100 points max, 2019 to 130 points max. I think their highest robot game score at tournament has been 65. They have worked hard and we are so proud of them.

12/28/19 – We are thrilled that Whitefish Girl Scouts has started a robotics team. They joined our meeting to learn all about FLL tournament. We talked through tournament format, general flow of the day and expectations. We even had a fun core values challenge. At the end they showed us their robot game and we assisted with rules, efficiency, attachments and programming. They will do great in their first tournament.

11/24/19 – Things are “shaping” up around here. Programming is well underway for our highest scoring season yet. Our innovation project is beginning to take shape with data and real life examples! Our state tournament arrangements are made and we are clearly having a ton of fun!

8/10/19 – We built our mission models and are ready to get started on our robot.

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