Meet RoboScout Squad

Want to learn more about tomorrow’s leaders? Read on!

Jessie – Outreach Manager, Rules and Safety Lead – Jessie is a Junior and an Ambassador Silver Award Girl Scout.  She enjoys choir, theater tech, and competes in Original Oratory on the Speech Team.  She plans to double major in math and computer science and is interested in becoming a math teacher. She can recite the digits of Pi from memory further than anyone who’s not already famous for the same feat.  Jessie enjoys providing service to the community.

Kennedy – Documentation Specialist, Engineer – Kennedy is a Sophomore, and a Senior Silver Award Girl Scout.  She’s plays the French Horn and Trumpet and enjoys reading, drawing, playing video games and listening to music. She has an interest in pursuing counseling as a future career.

Katie – Lead Programmer, Engineer – Katie is a Junior and an Ambassador Silver Award Girl Scout.  She plays the viola, and is part of a Celtic Dance Troupe.  She likes to draw, read and cook. Katie is interested in studying engineering or medicine in college.

Lexi – Chief Engineer, Documentation Support – Lexi is a Senior, an Ambassador Silver Award Girl Scout and is actively pursuing the Gold Award.  Lexi is a member of National Honor Society, Spanish Club and competes in Dramatic Oral Interp on the Speech Team.  She likes choir, art, reading and pop culture.  Lexi enjoys mentoring younger girls. She wants to study graphic design and animation in college.

Zia – Team Spirit Lead, Engineer, Outreach Support – Zia is a High School Sophomore and a Senior Silver Award Girl Scout. She plays the viola, is on the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad, plays volleyball and runs track. Zia loves animals and working with children. She interested in interior design and early childhood education.

Coach Sherri Sadino taught public school for twenty six years. She has her Masters in Educational Technology from Lesley University. In the summer, she teaches Lego Robotics to students at Flathead Valley Community College. She describes herself as patient, reflective and flexible. When not working with robots, she enjoys camping with her husband, traveling, her two dogs and her five horses.

Coach Krista Nunnally works at KRMC in the IT department. She’s a Girl Scout Troop Leader and has volunteered for 9 years. In her “spare” time, she’s a full time college student pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Data Analytics. She enjoys books, movies and quiet time with her family and rescue pups, Vader and Solo.

Richard Dortch, Mentor – Specialties: Electronics, Telecommunications

Dr. Dan Leatzow, Mentor – Specialties: Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Occupational Trades

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