2020-2021: RePLAY

We did not compete in RePLAY as we moved up to FTC. This info is here to help new teams get started. Please check our FLL FAQs and prior seasons for more information.

Ongoing news from FIRST: You can keep up on FIRST news related to COVID-19 here.

2021 Montana State FIRST LEGO League Championship Results


8/4/2020 – It’s FIRST LEGO League Challenge release day!!! Here’s this year’s video explaining the season. We have updated our FLL FAQs page with links to all of the new resources. Here’s the new FLL Resources page. We are soooo excited for our FLL counterparts to begin their season. We have moved up to FTC this season, but if you have questions about the season or would like more information about FLL and how to start a team, let us know. We’d be happy to help. #RePLAY #GameChangers #FIRSTLEGOLeague

You can also watch the LIVE stream FLL Kickoff event now on FIRSTtv — If you missed it don’t worry. It will be saved to watch later.

5/15/2020 – The preview of the new FLL RePLAY Robot Game board was released today. Looks like fun. It seems to have plenty of navigation space, good lines, the return of the home area and a strong LEGO SPIKE Prime flavor (rather than eV3/Mindstorms). Official challenge release date August 4, 2020. #FLLGameChangers #FLLRePLAY

FIRST LEGO League Challenge 2020-2021 – RePLAY Sneak Peak

5/13 – FIRST announced that the FRC challenge for the 2020-2021 season will be a replay of City Shaper: Infinite Recharge — more news to come on FTC and FLL

5/2 – FIRST Game Changers Teaser

It’s coming faster than we think. Look for updates in the coming weeks. RoboScout Squad will have a HUGE announcement soon!

#FIRSTGAMECHANGERS powered by Star Wars#ForceforChange 


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