FTC Montana Regional Qualifier Results

We are thrilled to report the results of our first FTC tournament: For the robot game we had the 2nd highest scoring robot. We are the Winners of the Connect Award, and we received the 2nd Place Think Award.

We never would’ve guessed in our rookie season, with only 8 months in to FTC, that we would do so well in our first competition. We have learned so much! We are looking forward to receiving our judges’ feedback forms.

Congratulations to all the teams for persevering in these uncertain times. This hasn’t been easy with random quarantines, blended school models, etc. Everyone has had to work really hard to stay engaged and keep moving forward. Congrats to 8271 E-Hackers for winning the Inspire Award, 4133 Fusion for Inspire 2nd Place, and 4133 Fusion for having the Top Ranked Robot. Seriously, Fusion’s robot score blew ours out of the water, WELL DONE! Fusion does well each season, it’s awesome to come in second to them! There’s really some good close competition though, 17097 Protostars take home 4 awards, 4273 Aluminati, 373 Sydney High School and 16133 Talk NERDY to Me also did quite well. State really could be anyone’s game.

Thank you to all of our team sponsors, community supporters, friends and family. None of this would’ve been possible without your support.

Next up we will use what we have learned to:

  • make improvements to our robot
  • add to our Engineering Portfolio
  • modify our Judge’s Presentation
  • practice, practice, practice…………

…….and take on the Montana State FTC Championship Tournament!


Full qualifier tournament results here: https://ftc-events.firstinspires.org/2020/USMTBOQT1


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