Girl Scout Cookie Season

Cookie season is upon us.

It’s Girl Scout cookie time! RoboScout Squad (Troop 3709) began selling cookies today. The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is our team’s annual fundraiser. We use the money earned for service projects, STEM outreach, learning opportunities, robot parts, travel expenses and of course fun activities.

If you’re out of the area, and would like to support us, please use our troop/team cookie website. Your cookies will be shipped to you in less than 2 weeks. This of course works great even if you’re local and you want your cookies faster. 😉

If you are a local supporter, you can choose one of the girls’ Digital Cookie stores to place your order and select girl delivery. Cookies will arrive in late March and will be delivered as soon as we are able.






We’ll add team members’ store links as they build their sites.

Our cookie booths will all be drive through style at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.

  • Friday March 26th 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Saturday March 27th 11:00am-3:00pm
  • Sunday March 28th 11:00am-3:00pm (or until we sell out)
  • Friday April 2 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Saturday April 3 11:00am-3:00pm (or until we sell out)

Thank you for your support! Send your friends our way. 💚😍🍪

October Team Updates!

Tower Goal Assembled

Whew! One down, one to go! Next meeting we’ll setup the 1/2 field perimeter and tiles and mark the game lines with tape. You can follow our season activities more closely on our Ultimate Goal page. For those teams that haven’t started assembling their towers, the handiest items to make assembly easier would be: a utility knife for the coroplast, a drill for the threading screws, extra zip ties in case of mistakes and sturdy pair of work gloves for holding the “churro” while you drill.

FIRST Like A Girl Ambassadors

We are thrilled to report that we have been selected by #FIRSTLikeAGirl to be the Ambassador team for our region. #FIRSTLikeAGirl was founded by FRC Team #1902 Exploding Bacon Robotics to encourage girls to pursue STEM and join and remain in FIRST programs. We share this mission and we are excited to be a part of this powerful girl network. More info to come as we grow into this role.

goBILDA Strafer Kit v2 Promo

RoboScout Squad was selected as one of 150 FTC teams to get the newest goBILDA Strafer Kit at a deep deep discount. It has several upgrades over the original kit including a slightly narrower frame, 8mm REX wheel shafts, heavy duty hubs and steel 1:1 miter gears which when paired with the included 312 rpm motors has a theoretical speed of over 5.14 ft/second. It’s $600+ worth of parts for only $150. Thank you goBILDA for spreading your support for FTC teams across so many teams this season. We look forward to rebuilding Kermit stronger and faster with this kit.

RoboScout Squad Around the World

When we started this website over a year ago, we didn’t think it would travel as far as it has. In looking at website statistics last week, kids, coaches and visitors from 81 countries have visited our website so far in 2020. On average YTD, we get more than 450 views per month. That’s just amazingly cool! We hope we’ve helped and inspired teams and kids on their FIRST journeys as we have progressed through ours.

Girl Scout Nuts & Candy

That’s right, we are Girl Scouts! It’s Nut and Candy time of year. If you’d like to help support RoboScout Squad and our Girl Scout Troop, feel free to take a look at our candy shops. We’ll add team members as they setup their storefronts. Team favorites are “Dark Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix”, “Peanut Butter Bears”, and “Chocolate Covered Raisins”. Online Candy Stores are open through November 18th. Kalispell, MT locals can choose “Girl Delivery”, out of area supporters can choose “Ship to Me”. Thank you!!!

Kennedy’s Candy Shop

Lexi’s Candy Shop

FTC Ultimate Goal Season Challenge Kickoff

9/12/2020 – This is it. The day we’ve been waiting for since we decided to move up to FIRST Tech Challenge, #UltimateGoal Season Challenge Kickoff. This is the day teams all over the world get their first look at this season’s robot game. This year’s kickoff was sure a different flavor than years past. Everyone was either remoted in via video chat or pre-recorded messages. You can watch the full kickoff presentation here:

Here is the 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal Season Challenge (started at the 2 minute mark):

Rings? Did anyone pick donuts for this year’s sports themed challenge? We sure didn’t. But we did guess correctly on the multiple scoring levels. After the broadcast, we sat down together, pulled up Game Manual 2, reviewed the game again and started brainstorming mechanical designs and strategy. We have some great ideas already for our rookie season.

We do know that Montana intends to start the season with a remote competition format. We don’t yet know the dates of the Montana qualifiers. Remote games are played on an 8’x12′ field with one scoring tower, rather than 12’x12′ and two towers. Images below are the traditional alliance setup and the remote single team setup.

You can learn more about the Game Changers: Ultimate Goal Season, here. You can follow our FTC Rookie Season on our FTC Ultimate Goal page.

We are ready for our #UltimateGoal season to get started. Our lineup is set and we are anxious to take the field. A very special thanks to our World Championship team sponsors Kalispell Regional Healthcare, Swank Enterprises, Kalispell Obstetrics and Gynecology, CMT Fabrication, Inc., Corwin Motors Kalispell, The Korner Shop, Bias Brewing, MOD Pizza Kalispell and Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming and our many fans, friends and family. The World Championships were #COVIDcanceled, but without your commitment to #GirlsInSTEM, we wouldn’t have been able to to make this tremendous leap forward, to purchase robotics equipment and advance our skills to compete in FIRST Tech Challenge. Lets get this season started! #FIRSTLikeAGirl #FTC18240

Speaking of robotics equipment. After kickoff, we opened up our new goBILDA kit. Here’s our unboxing video of the new goBILDA 2020-2021 Master FTC Kit.

This kit can be purchased at a discounted price of $549.99 if you’re a registered FTC team. The total retail price of the parts included is over $1,380. Gears, servos, structural pieces, motors, connectors, hubs, sprockets, bearings, wheels, screws, nuts and more, this kit contains a great assortment of parts. We’ll certainly need additional pieces to make our season happen, but it’s a great start to get our creative and technical juices flowing. #LetsGoBildaTogether


Register your FTC team for a goBILDA discount:

As always, you can follow us here on our website or on social media:

FTC Rookie Team Kickoff

RoboScout Squad has been busy. Last weekend we dyed our mecanum wheel rollers pink and purple to match our team colors! Kennedy and Lexi spent a day building a DIY game field perimeter. We followed the FTC provided instructions and it turned out great! Our new team mentor Richard let us use his shop and was there for safety and instruction. A day using power tools is a good day!

This weekend we got the team together for our official FTC RoboScout Squad Rookie Kickoff day! Our #UltimateGOAL was to end the day with a working remote controlled drivetrain. We spent the morning learning about the FTC block programmer, how to setup and configure the control hub and drivers’ station, programming the Logitech gamepad to act as a robot remote control, and writing the program for the robot to accept remote control commands.

After a dip in the pool and lunch we continued in the afternoon to build our first FIRST Tech Challenge robot. We enjoyed building with a new medium (rather than LEGO) and everyone contributed to the build process. We had just enough time to turn on our robot at the end of the day and of course, it worked! It was the perfect way to end our day of hard work. See video below.

Aside from the learning the new technology we’ll be working with in FIRST Tech Challenge, we learned a few handy rookie engineering lessons:

  • Running wires in tight spaces is easier to do before motors are mounted
  • It’s important to have your in-wheel hyper-hubs positioned so that you can access the shaft clamp screws between the rollers
  • If everyone is building, we’re gonna need more metric hex keys (2, 2.5, 3) especially longer ones with better handles for torque and some small metric nut drivers.

Meet our newest team member and first ever FIRST Tech Challenge robot….. “Kermit”

Goals for our next meetings are:

  • Troubleshoot one of Kermit’s motors
  • Build a platform to mount the control hub and battery (tape was just because we ran out of time and wanted to test)
  • Add an expansion hub
  • Start learning about servos and sensors and how to program them
  • Practice driving
  • Research different object collection and delivery systems
  • Build and program a linear actuator

Since we haven’t yet had a chance for an end of year/season celebration for 2019/2020, end of year goodies were given out today, including these awesome 3D printed trophies. In addition, Zia and Kennedy bridged from Cadette to Senior Girl Scouts, and Lexi bridged from Senior to Ambassador. Last season we did amazing things. This season is going to be EPIC! You can follow our Rookie FTC Season on our FTC Ultimate Goal page.

Special thanks to the Hilton Garden Inn in Kalispell for the deeply discounted meeting space and swimming pool access. This made our day comfortable, gave us plenty of room to spread apart and added extra fun!

In other news….. today was the official FIRST LEGO League Challenge RePLAY Kickoff. Here’s the video about this year’s challenge. Even though we are no longer competing in FLL, we’ll keep our FLL pages up to date with current resources. As always, if you have questions, please let us know, we’d be happy to help.

RoboScout Squad Moves up!

We have our sights set on FIRST Tech Challenge and it’s a GAME CHANGER!

Wow! When we vowed to make lemonade out of these COVID-19 lemons, we weren’t sure what the outcome would be. To recap, in January our team won the Montana 2020 FIRST LEGO League State Champion Award. We were fundraising like crazy to head to Houston, TX to compete in the World Championship. Then, coronavirus hit and in mid-March, the FIRST World Festival and Championship was cancelled. While we certainly understand the reasons for it, the magnitude of disappointment is hard to express. We know it is shared by many worldwide who’s events, milestones and travel were squashed.

In our announcement about the cancellation, we planned to do two things with our funds raised. Here’s where we are at:

  1. To take the team on a well deserved alternative educational trip – Though travel restrictions were recently reduced, we are now seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases. Travel outside of Montana this summer, isn’t going to happen. We are hoping to travel within the state, meet a couple of other teams and have a robotics boot camp to start our new season. Also, there is more tournament travel in our future than in previous seasons, we’ll plan some extra educational activities while we are on the road.
  2. Use the remaining funds to fund our next robotics season – This is where our huge announcement comes in……..

We have decided to take our tech skills to the next level. We are now competing in FIRST Tech Challenge!

Here comes that lemonade. This jump wouldn’t have been possible without our generous donors and team sponsors. The equipment alone to get started in FIRST Tech Challenge is almost $3,000. Add to that travel expenses for the 3 Montana tournaments in November, December and January and this is no easy feat financially.

Why did we choose to make this jump? We have a few reasons:

  1. We won the Montana State FLL Champion title!!! Aside from being able to go to the World Championship, there isn’t much more to accomplish in FIRST LEGO League. We had a truly awesome season capping off a successful three year run.
  2. We are ready for a new technical challenge. Bye-bye LEGOs, we are moving to aluminum and steel components. We’ll be learning CAD to design custom parts for machining or 3D printing. We’ll also be moving from eV3 coding to programming in Blockly and Java in Android Studio.
  3. Our team members are already aging out of FLL. FTC goes all the way through high school, ensuring that our team members can stay with us until they graduate.
  4. Our future! FTC participants have access to apply for $80 million in FIRST Alumni scholarships. Even if they choose to attend a college that doesn’t specifically offer FTC scholarships, colleges know that FIRST Alumni have the leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and STEM skills to make them an asset to their institution. Business leaders in top companies worldwide are also well aware of the advantages of hiring FIRST Alumni.
  5. We can still mentor FLL. We look forward to taking a look at the new FLL season when it launches in August and the team would be happy to answer questions and mentor FLL teams.

We are so excited to begin this new journey! Even better the Game Changers season theme for FTC is #ULTIMATEGOAL! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on our #ULTIMATEGOAL and our progress though the rest of the summer and the new season as we #FIRSTRISE to the challenge. Keep an eye on our new FTC season page to keep our fans, supporters and sponsors in the loop. We will also update our FLL information pages with current season links as they become available.

For now, enjoy the season “teaser” for FTC ULTIMATE GOAL. We anxiously await the 9/12 release of the complete challenge. In the meantime we’ll get robot parts ordered and start learning the basics of FTC. If you have questions about FIRST robotics, FIRST LEGO League or FIRST Tech Challenge, please let us know. We would love to help you get started.

In the news! Coach Krista Receives Girl Scout Volunteer Awards

Last month RoboScout Squad Coach and Troop 3709 Leader, Krista Nunnally received three volunteer awards from Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming: Outstanding Volunteer, the Appreciation Pin and the Volunteer of Excellence award. Whitney England from the Daily Inter Lake covered the story and it’s on the front page of the paper today.

Girl Scout Leader Honored for Inspirational Go-Getter Attitude

By Whitney England
Daily Inter Lake | May 18, 2020 1:00 AM

The mission of Girl Scouts revolves around building girls of courage, confidence and character who will positively impact the world.

Local Kalispell troop leader Krista Nunnally embodies this statement. Over her seven years volunteering in the program, four of those as the Troop 3709 leader, she has influenced countless girls to become confident, innovative trailblazers.

“I was very surprised and shocked and humbled and thankful,” Nunnally said about receiving the awards. “I mean it’s nice to be recognized. It is fulfilling and I hope that it encourages others.”

Nunnally and Troop 3709 are known for leading the way locally in girls’ involvement with robotics. The troop was among the first, and still one of the only few, all-girl robotics teams in the region.

A few months after attending a Girl Scout-sanctioned sleepover in a children’s museum that aimed to introduce girls to robotics concepts, Nunnally got word that the organization received a grant encouraging interested troops to start teams. Nunnally and her daughter Lexi, (currently) a high school sophomore, both had enjoyed the event and thought it would be fun to get more girls involved.

After gathering a few other girls from different troops in the valley, RoboScout Squad was born and the learning process began. Nunnally had no prior experience in robotics, although she works at Kalispell Regional Medical Center in the information technology department so technology was not a barrier.

Under the leadership of Nunnally and her co-coach Sherri Sadino, who had been teaching Lego robotics for Flathead Valley Community College’s Kid’s College for several years, the team developed all the skills necessary to participate in competitions. The squad created three years ago is now composed of five girls, all from Troop 3709, and earlier this year won the Montana state FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Lego League competition.

Nunnally recalled watching the girls at that competition and being truly amazed at the strides of progression they made over the last few years.

“They were really relaxed, it was almost unsettling how easy they made it look,” Nunnally said. “It was like they don’t even need me here. Which is great, I guess that’s a sign that you’ve done your job.”

Her work forming the RoboScout Squad and continually enabling opportunities for the girls to progress in science and technology fields while building valuable life skills surely contributed to her earning awards this year.

“Krista is a leader that inspires girls and adults by her example of being a go-getter, inventor and risk-taker,” a letter of endorsement for the Appreciation Pin reads. “Krista amazes me with her patience with the girls, waiting for them to develop their ideas and conclusions. She celebrates each child’s accomplishments even outside of Girl Scouts.”

Although she is obviously an inspiration for the girls in her troop, Nunnally is equally as moved by the kids’ motivation and growth as leaders. She said the girls are busy; many are involved in sports, drama, choir, music, speech and debate, National Honors Society and much more on top of Girl Scouts and robotics. Nunnally celebrates each girls’ achievements, within Girl Scouts or not, but she is most impressed with their involvement in the community and the outreach they do to support other girls interested in robotics.

“It’s kind of a fine balancing act sometimes because I don’t want to burn them out,” Nunnally said. “But they are all go-getters, they really are phenomenal young ladies.

“Being Girl Scouts all these years has very strongly prepared them to be in a leadership role with younger kids, they really do enjoy that,” she added.

While Nunnally is fulfilled by helping each girl reach her full potential, most of her desire comes from simply wanting to give these girls opportunities that she never had growing up. The now volunteer troop leader was a Girl Scout herself up until sixth grade, but when her parents moved their family back to Kalispell, after her father retired from the U.S. Navy, she was not able to get involved with girl scouts again.

A few years after her daughter began the scouting program in first grade, Nunnally became involved as a service unit manager for local troops. After a full three-year term, she took over Lexi’s troop and became so inspired to help girls achieve their goals Volunteering has become a major part of her life.

A few years after her daughter began the scouting program in first grade, Nunnally became involved as a service unit manager for local troops. After a full three-year term, she took over Lexi’s troop and became so inspired to help girls achieve their goals Volunteering has become a major part of her life.

“So it’s been a great thing for me to be out of the house and trying to make a difference,” Nunnally said. “There’s a lot of good feelings and personal satisfaction that comes with seeing them do well.”

Nunnally stays busy with volunteering in Girl Scouts and leading the robotics team, however she takes on even more responsibility. She has been working full time at Kalispell Regional Medical Center for nearly 15 years while holding down the fort raising her two children Lexi, 15, and Sammy, 13, alongside her husband Sam. They also have two rescue dogs and Sam is continually involved in serving the community as well.

Recently, she decided to go back to school and is pursuing a degree in data analytics and management. She said, despite starting college courses as a high school sophomore, she never earned a degree and it was something she felt inspired to pursue now.

Nunnally wants to finish her degree to improve her skill set, should anything ever go wrong with her current job, to keep stability in her family’s life. But just as importantly, she is hoping to set an example of perseverance for her children.

As part of that, Nunnally recently had to complete a networking course, which is not among her strong suits. The class created many obstacles for her to navigate, but she made it through and found it rewarding to overcome her struggles. She also showed her children that dedication can pay off.

“And I passed well, I didn’t pass poorly. That’s just part of me, I don’t like to do things halfway,” she added.

Because the multifaceted woman is always on the go, Nunnally said if she manages to get any spare time, she enjoys decompressing with books, movies and bubble baths.

Even as her daughter approaches her final years in high school, Nunnally is excited to see where the Girl Scout Troop will go. As the robotics squad became champions in FIRST Lego League robotics last season, the girls are preparing for an entirely new adventure ahead.

The RoboScout Squad is moving up to the next level of robotics and planning to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge. This no longer involves building with Legos, the kids will now have to engineer their robots out of metal. Nunnally said it was the girls’ decision and they are all excited to take on the whole new challenge.

“For Sherri and I, we don’t know anything about this, so we’re going to do what Girl Scout leaders do — we’re going to learn new skills too,” Nunnally said. “And we’re going to bring in other people who know more about different things, everybody’s going to learn something new.”

As Nunnally helps the girls in her troop take on this new challenge, among many others, her desire to help girls progress and be successful in life will continue on. And the lives she continues to touch everyday will be impacted for years to come.

Reporter Whitney England may be reached at 758-4419 or

Girl Scout Volunteer Recognition

A formal nomination system has been established by the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Recommendations for adult awards can be initiated by adult volunteers, Service Unit task groups, and/or family members. The selection of recipients is made by a council task group/board of directors. This increases the significance of the honor.

You can read the announcement of 2020 Volunteer Awards from Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming here:

Welcome to the RoboScout Squad Website!

Welcome! We are so happy you are here to learn about RoboScout Squad and FIRST robotics.

We are RoboScout Squad, an all Girl Scout FIRST Tech Challenge and LEGO robotics team in Kalispell, Montana. Our team is made up of girls in grades 9-11. We’ve been a team for 5 years and we are in the middle of our second FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Season. We also participate in the NASA NWESSP LEGO robotics challenges. In our first three seasons, we competed in FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and we are the 2020 FLL Montana State Champions. Last year we were the second-ranked FTC team in Montana. We don’t just compete, we share our tech with younger Girl Scouts and our community with a goal of increasing enthusiasm for STEM in girls. Scroll through our blog posts and visit our “About Us“, “FTC” and “FLL” pages to learn more.

This website has a host of information for kids, parents, new teams, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors. Our blog page also contains local news stories about the team.

The FLL/FTC resources contained on this page are mostly from FIRST directly. Supplemental info is based on our experience as a new team and is geared toward new teams and coaches. We want to help you get started and grow. We would love more teams to start up in the Flathead.

If you’d like to support our team and encourage STEM education for girls in the Flathead Valley, let us know by visiting our “Our Sponsors” page or emailing us at:

Thank you for being here with us. We appreciate your support!

Game Changers

The theme of the 2020-2021 FIRST season has been announced. Game Changers! What that will ultimately entail for a robot game or innovation project is yet to be seen. Will the focus be on sports, physical fitness, e-sports, adaptive sports? Time will tell. More details about the challenges will be revealed over the next several weeks. Team registration for the next season should start by the end of the month. We are super excited that the new season is again sponsored by Star Wars: Force for Change.

Keep your eyes open for a HUGE announcement from RoboScout Squad soon!

World championship cancelled

Dear Family, Friends, Team Sponsors and Community Supporters,

We are disappointed to announce that the FIRST LEGO League World Championship has been cancelled in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not surprising. We understand that it’s in everyone’s best interests to help slow the spread and protect our vulnerable populations. At this time, we’d like to be transparent with our generous donors and community, and let you know our current position and intention.

To date we’ve raised about $13,500 to make this trip happen. Here’s where we are at this exact moment. Our airline tickets are non-refundable, under Delta’s COVID-19 policy we are eligible for an itinerary change or a credit. I have filed an appeal, to see if we can instead get a refund. I have filed a similar appeal with AirBnB, if denied we lose half of our lodging expenses. I am waiting for responses from both of those companies. We will get our $1,000 tournament registration refunded. There are expenses/items that we cannot recover/return including our team banners, signs, buttons, swaps, team uniforms, some of our display hardware, tablecloths that have been laundered and several other small things that all add up. The team uniforms with our new team sponsor logos will be used all next season, and we will make good on our sponsor obligations to the best of our ability.

The girls have worked very hard and through no fault of their own find themselves in this incredibly disappointing situation. Whether we get a credit or full refund from Delta, after the pandemic has passed, we would like to plan an alternative educational trip. It may even still be to Houston to go to NASA Johnson Space Center. We would plan for this summer.

Aside from that, any remaining funds would be used to support the team in their upcoming robotics season 2020-2021, which starts August 1st. Added together, our expenses for FIRST LEGO LEAGUE and the NASA robotics challenge are over $3,000 per year with our current team headcount.

We have been reaching out to each of our amazing donors individually to inform them of the situation. Many of you have heard from us already, if you haven’t, you will shortly. We just started making contact this weekend. We understand that the funds you generously provided would no longer be going toward their original intended purpose. We can assure you that they would be used similarly to provide an extraordinary STEM based educational experience for these hard-working young ladies and support their STEM and leadership skill building in the coming robotics season. If you would rather withdraw your donation based on this unfortunate change in circumstance, please let us know.

We intend to proceed with MacKenzie River Pizza Community Day, if you’d like to go out for pizza and support the team’s ongoing mission, we’d be thankful. I have spoken with MacKenzie River and they are happy to support us with this event.

We will persevere and make the best of this situation. We will continue to do incredible things for girls in STEM in our community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Making montana

We had so much fun at Making Montana 2020. Thank you ImagineIf Library for hosting this wonderful community event.

RoboScout Squad spent most of the day Friday and Saturday February 28-29 at the Flathead County Fairgrounds sharing what they do with our community.

Making Montana reported a total attendance of 2,934 people. Friday was a great day to share FIRST LEGO League and the NASA Robotics Challenge with busloads of kids from area schools. It was an incredibly busy and fun day! Saturday the whole team was there to share with hundreds of families. We love sharing what we do and hope that it encourages others to invest in STEM activities for kids and inspire kids to seek STEM involvement. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us.

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