In the News! NBC Montana

Marian Davidson did a nice follow up story to our initial story in May. Covering our success in Helena.

We won the Apollo 50 Challenge!

The Lunar Loonies won the Montana Regional Apollo Next Giant Leap Challenge, Middle School Division! We are so proud of them! In addition to this awesome Apollo 50 commemorative Lego kit, we are going to Kennedy Space Center!

The Montana Regional Apollo Next Giant Leap Student Challenge (ANGLeS Challenge) was hosted at Montana Learning Center in Helena, MT. 20 teams were entered in the middle school division. We were the only all girls team in the challenge. They worked so hard the last 2 months. All of the teams did a great job!

The challenge had 3 parts as well as creative components.

  • Fly a drone carrying a lunar module, drop it off in the landing zone and fly the drone back to base. The drone pilot is flying blind as mission control does from Earth. The technician “on the moon” gave verbal commands to the pilot.
  • Replace the lunar module with a Lego robot rover. Complete missions on the lunar surface. Deliver payload to drop zone, move a boulder, retrieve a moon rock and return the moon rock to the landing zone. Again, the rover pilot is blind and relying on the astronaut on the moon to give clear commands. The rover pilot had some pre-written programs, but many had to be coded on the fly based on verbal commands from the astronaut.
  • Identify a moon rock sample and give 4 facts about the rock

This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our girls. They are super excited about visiting NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Most of the expenses will be covered by the award but we do anticipate some financial need to cover travel costs.

In the News! NBC Montana

Marian Davidson from NBC Montana visited our team meeting today where the girls got their first look at the Apollo 50 Next Giant Leap challenge board, and flew a drone for the first time. See the story here.

We Are Girl Scouts

You may hear about us as robot building go-getters, but we are also dedicated Girl Scouts.

In the last three years, while the girls have been active in First Lego League, they have been busy Girl Scouts as well. In that same time they have a combined 300+ hours of service to younger Girl Scouts and our community. The 5 ladies of RoboScout Squad are members of Girl Scout Troop 3709. Four of the girls on the team have earned their Girl Scout Silver Award. This is the highest award girls of their age can achieve. One remaining girl is nearing completion of her Silver Award project. Two of the Silver Award recipients are actively working on earning the Gold Award.

To help fund Girl Scout troop activities, they participate in nut & candy sales in the fall and cookie sales in the winter. If you’re looking for a cookie fix, you know where to come in February. 🙂

All of the girls on the robotics team are excellent students and musicians. They are all involved with additional clubs, sports, church or other activities.

As their parents, leaders and coaches, we are all proud of them for the loads they take on, their growth and their commitment to Girl Scouting and their community.

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